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A stroll through Alternate History


This was one of our biggest photoshoots of 2014 with a large cast and crew and an amazing location. It was a fun (they always are) but exhausting day. Featuring a strong steampunk vibe but with a hint of crossover to other styles/characters.


Models - Eve Beauregard, Masubi, Sean Simser, Luna Aelflaed Rosson, Aimie Twyford, Helen Turner, Fiona Gillan, Katherine Velours, Winter Carmen, Andrew Spencer, Mell Clive, Roxy Love, Robert Milne


Hair and make-up - Sarah Pumfrey, Maria Samuel, Lillie-Rose Cox, Charley Payne


Dresses/outfits by Christina Dettmers Historical Clothing, Lady K's Burlesque Boutique and model's own wardrobes.





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